P R O T E C T I O N   I S   O U R   P A S S I O N 

IDTCE is a small specialist consultancy and engineering company located in Copenhagen Denmark. We deliver research, consultancy services and client based engineering within vehicle survivability, building protection and defence product development. We combine our knowledge with theory, finite element modelling, experimental testing and hands on experience to form working and understandable knowledge and solutions for our clients around the globe. 

STRATEGY for our company the next years is to continue expanding our multi-disciplinary defence capabilities. We will continue developing our expertise within blast and ballistic protection for military vehicles and we will start implementing new threats in our military vehicle expertise portfolio as well. We will restart building protection which Benjamin Riisgaard previous has been engaged in and with Rasmus W. Eriksen entering in the company we will not only enhance our light weight composite, finite element modelling and CAD capabilities significant but we will also enhance and expand our capabilities within defence product development. Additionally, we will take the first steps into implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence.  


- our ability to balance protection, functionality and survivability is unique


Copenhagen - Denmark